What is “Americans Elect” and Why is it Important?

Americans Elect, is a second choice on the ballot for the President of the United States. It is not a 3rd Party choice.  It is the first nominating process that will be led by the American people. All candidates will have a non-partisan running mate. Every registered delegate will get one secured internet vote. The candidate with the most votes will be the nominee on the national ballot next November. That briefly explains what Americans Elect is. Now I am going to explain why it is important.I am, first and foremost, American. Before any registration to a party is made, you must first be an American. So that means that all registered voters are, in fact, firstly American and this country is our party. We have the choice to choose another party, but only if we are first American. (Do you get my point?) In our country we are expected to register Dem or GOP. Now, I understand that I am making absolutes. (But is for ease of reading. Really…did you actually go there?!?!) It just does not seem right for our choices to be divided right down the middle where one is either Left or Right. If you are neither Dem nor GOP, then you are fringe. How does that make any sense? It is a shame that most of us have fallen into that trap. I am not belittling our government, but I am going to give you an example of why Americans elect is important, which might give you an AH-HA moment.

OK…let’s imagine that our government is a sports league. Just like the NHL, MLB, NFL, or the NBA. We will call this league, the USA. So in this league we compete for the title of the President of the United States. We even have our Minor League teams: The Senate and The House of Representatives. We also have our practice squads: the Governors and the Mayors. But unlike all of our other national sports leagues, in the USA league, we only want 1 of 2 winners…the Dems or the GOP. We let the other teams play, but don’t give them the ability to get a televised game so that they can start to get some fans. Now, we all know that fans spend money on their favorite team. Do you see where I am going here?

I want to make it very clear right here, right now. I am not attacking the Democrats or the Republicans. But I also want to make the obvious point, that this two team game is an attack on America and what she stands for. I am not sure what this country is so afraid of, but I would love to see all of the teams play. Most teams have a star. That star draws people to the team because people love to see a star shine. However, nobody knows about the stars. That is a direct result of not knowing that the teams exist. American politics is missing out on some really good talent, who have new and different ideas. Unfortunately, the 2 party system is un-American. (I hope you now see why I feel this way). It is very difficult to get your name on the ballot if you are not a Democrat or Republican. So America has settled in comfortably with our two party system. Spend a little time looking into what it takes for you to get on the ballot where you live. You will understand exactly what I am talking about. “Americans Elect” is a wake up call. In order to place their nominated ticket on the 2012 ballot in all 50 states, Americans Elect has to carefully follow all of the ballot access laws in each state. They have done their homework. It is going to take a lot of hard work, but they are going to succeed in getting on all 50 state ballots…I can feel it. It does not mean their candidate will win, but, because of their work, all Americans will have a second choice on the ballot other than the Democrats or Republicans. I love it! America, the land of opportunity…and the FREE!


The reason why “Americans Elect is not a 3rd Party (just in case you were thinking I was talking SH!T), is because you can be a registered voter to any party to become a delegate to vote in their election. It does not stop you from also voting in your registered party’s election. Candidates are required to choose a running mate from a party other than their own. With Americans Elect, voters will nominate a nonpartisan ticket that puts country before party, and American interests before special interests. To give you an example, the Americans Elect nomination could look like this:

    • Democrat President & Republican Vice President
    • Republican President & Democrat Vice President
    • Any 3rd Party President & Republican or Democrat Vice President
    • Democrat or Republican President & Any 3rd Party Vice President
    • Any 3rd party President & a different 3rd Party Vice President
Jeff Olen is a writer/editor for KoN Media and an old fashioned American who believes the human spirit will always prevail. He leaves his emotions in print for others to experience his passion.

Author: Jeff Olen

Jeff Olen is a writer/editor for KoN Media and an old fashioned American who believes the human spirit will always prevail. He leaves his emotions in print for others to experience his passion.

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