Attacks on the American Embassy in Cairo, Campaign Turns into a Foreign Policy

American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed in an attack on a US consulate in the Middle East. In separate protests in Cairo, several men scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy and tore down its American flag. This violence in both Libya and Egypt stemmed from anger about an online film considered offensive to Islam. Mitt Romney said he was “outraged” by the attacks in Benghazi and Cairo, but took harsh aim at the Obama administration for what he characterized as a weak response to the violence. Obama’s campaign, along with other Democrats, has pushed back, saying it was “shocked” to hear Romney injecting politics during a time of mourning in the U.S. diplomatic community.  SOURCE

Author: Jeff Olen

Jeff Olen is a writer/editor for KoN Media and an old fashioned American who believes the human spirit will always prevail. He leaves his emotions in print for others to experience his passion.

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